To all you aspiring young photographers-

I’ve been in your shoes at this very moment, trust me. Not knowing where to start in this whole photography thing. Watching Youtube videos for hours trying to learn a thing or two about the settings of a camera.. boy Youtube can only do so much. Screenshooting pictures from Pinterest and pulling my phone out in the middle of a session anytime I didn’t know how to guide the couple for the next pose could only go so far. I was so lost in the photography talk of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed- I WAS SO CONFUSED!! I didn’t have a clue where to even begin in Lightroom, holy heck I was so overwhelmed. My sessions were a flat rate of $50 with unlimited hours..omg! I didn’t even know contracts were a big factor until I got screwed over. For 2 years I had a drawer full of USB’s with peoples albums until I figured out online galleries were a thing. I never really had any photographers that I looked up to in Kentucky or trust me I would have spent every penny I had to learn hands on. 

This is for the beginners who are making every mistake I didn’t know I was making.

I want to create a customized mentor session for YOU. If you want something hands on and if you’re ready to take a big leap in this photography biz, this is for you. We’ll talk everything from learning my editing workflow & tricks in Lightroom + strategies for booking your ideal client + hands on learning while shooting a couple. I will show you how I use to pose/ shoot during a session vs my strategies now on how I really get those authentic, raw & meaningful images. This type of mentor session is only available for 5 clients & is lasting until December. This will take place in Kentucky! 

The session is 5 hours long. We will start the day at a coffee shop going over everything you want to know based on a detailed questionnaire you will fill out a week before we meet. If you’re a beginner I will fill you in on everything I wish I would’ve learned 2 years ago, WHICH IS A LOT!!!! We will talk for 2.5 hours. We will then ride together to the photoshoot where we will meet our couple and have some funnnn! This will be 1 hour. After we shoot together we will go back to the coffee shop and follow up while we spend time editing those images and discussing how I cull my images.

Below is the progress through my years of being a photographer.





In person mentor sessions are $700

-Shoot me an email so we can get to know each other & get you one step closer to becoming the photographer I know you can be!



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